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Understanding Ourselves and Others

The more other languages we study, becoming conversant in at least one, the more we will understand ourselves and others. The implications are profound.

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Turn Whining into Self-Disciplined Planning and Delayed Gratification

Transform the whine to a wish through recognition, then add the wish to the wish list on the spot. Dignify it by asking for details to add – color, size? Read more »

Montessori and Love: Five Quotes from “How We Montessori”

“Five Montessori quotes about love and the child. They are powerful and inspiring. Surprisingly Montessori wrote and spoke about love a lot. You will need to read each quote slowly to appreciate it.” Read more »

“Every unnecessary help is an obstacle to development.” ~Maria Montessori

Profoundly so! That is one of the basic principles of Montessori, along with friendliness with error, protection of the cycle of activity, choice, and respect for the child’s own satisfaction in work over the adult’s praise – Read more »

Spanish Translation of My Book “Children Who Are Not Yet Peaceful”

The Spanish translation of my book “Children Who Are Not Yet Peaceful: Preventing Exclusion in the Early Elementary Years” has been reviewed and is ready for publication. Read more »

Infinite Love and the Child; Its Source on Earth

Happy birthday to Maria Montessori, she who knew that work and play were the two faces of a life lived passionately from love. Read more »

Fear and Loathing: How We Scare the Love of Learning Out of Our Children

Constant testing and emphasis on scores keeps students cautious at best and fearful at worst. Love withers in caution and dies in fear.

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Instead of Rewards and Punishment: How Children Can Learn to Problem-Solve to Restructure Their Own Learning and Behavior

“In a 2011 study that tracked nearly 1 million schoolchildren over six years, researchers at Texas A&M University found that kids suspended or expelled for minor offenses – from small-time scuffles to using phones or making out – were three times as likely as their peers to have contact with the juvenile justice system within a year of the punishment.   Read more »

Helping One Another Shift Gears

You will love this! Parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, relatives, and any other human being needs to know this, understand it, and practice the steps – with everyone we encounter, regardless of age. Read more »

Rowdy Kindergarten Cartoon-y Cuteness or Montessori Esthetics?

Development of the will, choice among options, active engagement in a prepared environment; Read more »

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