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A Strong, Practical, and Inspiring Companion

Susan Stephenson’s book, “Joyful Child: Montessori Global Wisdom from Birth to Three,” is an eye-opener for many and a reminder for many others. And we cannot have too many reminders. Read more »

By Hurting Others, We Hurt Ourselves: Bullies Are in Constant Pain

It hurts us when we hurt others. When we hurt others we hurt ourselves. Those who hurt others are in pain and harm themselves by harming others. Read more »

Freeing our Children from Stuff: Giving our Children Lives of Meaning and Purpose

“Less is more” has long been a motto of Montessori schools and families. A better motto, one I just read today, is” Less is best.” Read more »

Living with Dissonance: Resisting Self-Bias and Living with Uncertainty

We will get much further in our goal of learning from and getting along with one another when all of us – along with our moral, spiritual, and political leaders and our scientists – take an honest look at how vulnerable we each are, even those dedicated to objective science-based fact, to dissonance. Read more »

Boy Brain, Girl Brain, and Brain Plasticity

Our boys and girls form their gender characteristics through their experiences and relationships. Violent play is not a primal, hard-wired characteristic of boys. Read more »

Santa – The Power of Poetic Truth: A Lifetime of Value

Poetic truth is a powerful truth. Its gift to our children is one that honors us In the giving and them in the receiving. Read more »

A Refreshing Corrective to Meritocratic Rat Race

The frenzy for top colleges not doing our youths much good, writer says. Read more »

The Limits of Liberty

Montessori has written: Read more »

Follow the Child

Follow the authentic characteristics of the child. Prepare the environment and the adult to support the child in filling her needs so that she can self-develop and self-educate. Read more »

Gandhi Lived and Led This Truth

How do we prepare ourselves and then our children to be deep-down and enduringly capable of this? Read more »

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