• Developed the school’s Parent Community Handbook and the Staff Community Handbook

Parent Community Handbook – http://www.austinmontessori.org/PDF/Handbook.pdf

Staff Community Handbook – available by request

  • Wrote and put in place “Guidelines for Family and Social Life” for both Early Elementary and Upper Elementary families, both as a document and as a meeting

Guidelines for Early Elementary Family and Social Life

Guidelines for Upper Elementary Family and Social Life

  • Designed and implemented Prospective Parent classes, four evenings of two hours each, to prepare families to understand the philosophy and practice of Montessori education and the culture of Austin Montessori School before their consideration for entry into the school

Austinmontessori.org Admissions Process Page

scroll down to “Prospective Parent Education”

  • Designed and implemented Elementary Parent Information evenings, four sessions of two hours each, to prepare  parents for full partnership with the school before their children’s transition to the elementary level

Austinmontessori.org Admissions Process Page

scroll down to “Preparing for the Elementary Years”

  • In collaboration with consultants and staff, refined processes and rituals for a Self-Managing Children’s House Community

The Absorbent Mind and Incarnation – available by request

  • Developed processes for a Self-Managing Elementary Community – available by request
  • Created a Family Life Program with twenty meeting topics to support parents, the major partners in their children’s education, on how to provide a home and family life that partners well with Montessori education for the child’s self-development and self-education

Austinmontessori.org Resources Page

  • click on “Conversations with Donna Bryant Goertz” to access the list of topics
  • Elementary Level programs instituted – available by request:
  • The health, growth and family life programs, “How New Life Comes Upon the Earth,” for Early Elementary and “The Study of Human Development” for Upper Elementary based on the Children’s House foundation of “Waking Life”
    • “The Study of the Child” that brings to the conscious mind of Upper Elementary children the principles and practice of the Montessori education they have been privileged to experience.
  • Read Aloud Book Club for Elementary Families

Program description and book list available by request

  • Elementary Level programs refined – available by request:
    • Grace and Courtesy
    • Big Work
    • Going Out