• In collaboration with AMI trainers and consultants, Donna Bryant Goertz established the faculty and staff, the philosophy and psychology, the pedagogy and practice for Austin Montessori School, an AMI accredited school, over its 44 year history


  • Instituted the school and family culture, i.e., what is age-appropriate, emotionally and psychologically, for a full, rich, healthy childhood culture

SocialEmotional Development at School – available by request

Our Community in Trying Times – available by request

Toys Are Us(PDF Link)

  • Guided a Children’s House community of 28 children for five years

Preparation of the Environment, Children’s House – available by request

  • Guided an Early Elementary classroom community of from 30 to 38 children for twenty years

Slender Thread of a Montessori Elementary Class – available by request

Homework in the Early Elementary – available by request