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Hummingbird Parenting Not Helicopter Parenting

I’m a Hummingbird Parent from

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Donna to Present in Quebec – April 1 & 2, 2015

Donna will present on the following topics:

Preserving Intrinsic Motivation, Freedom & Responsibility, The Cycle of Activity, Maximum Effort & Independence, Relationships in the Classroom

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The Most Fortunate of Children

Some children are this fortunate – not living in a big house, not having an endless supply of toys – in that they are offered choice and independence in the exploration of an environment of sensorial, 3-dimensional, practical, hands-on materials and activities. They are provided a relationship of love and respect and given freedom within consistently and cheerfully maintained limits. Read more »

Our Children’s Health: Yes, It Is Our Business

And as we work so hard together to inform and support families and schools for the sake of our children’s health, the Commissioner of Agriculture for our beloved and beleaguered state of Texas is doing his best to push us backwards into further depths of childhood obesity. And, no, parents can’t do this alone. It takes a village. Read more »

The Folds That Layer Us Together, the Ties That Bind Us to One Another, and the Braids That Hold Us Fast

Such a joy for a child to spend the moments of her life choosing one compelling struggle after another, learning practical skills of her time and place, and engaging in the life of her community. She gains a deep feeling of self worth, an authentic sense of belonging, and a confidence for her future challenges. Read more »

Punishment: So Middle Ages; Laissez Faire; So Lame – Montessori: So Effective

Growing and learning at home and at school without punishment? All it takes is the skill set and the practice. We’ve got that – Montessori homes and schools!

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Mind, Movement and Memory: How Cursive Writing Links to Reading

Montessori’s development and education cares for and supports the whole child. Because the hand-to-brain connection is so important, the brain-directed movement of cursive tracing linked to phonetic sounds matters greatly. Read more »

Provide and Support or Suppress and Impose: How We Educate Children Depends on How We Understand Their Nature

It’s our choice – the adults’ choice – a rich and relevant environment of materials for spontaneous and active exploration and a subtle encouragement of the child’s innate tendencies, drives, and urges OR the imposition of an adult-devised, scheduled, and delivered curriculum for society’s imperative and a blatant system of the adult’s overriding demands, rewards, and punishments. Read more »

Home Cooked Meals in Today’s Family Life: Worth the Effort and Creativity to Make It Happen

Seems so perverse of us to do away with something wonderful from the past, something so beneficial, just because in today’s world it presents certain problems. It seems much wiser to brainstorm for solutions and modifications. Read more »

Intelligence Matters But Conscientiousness and Openness Matter More

Personality, character, common sense, practical skills, empathy – all are more valuable than intelligence to the individual, the family, the community, humanity – and the earth. And those qualities and characteristics are self-formed during childhood and adolescence through the person’s relationships and activities in the environment.  Read more »

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