WWMMD – what would Maria Montessori do? Actually, what DID she do? She worked indefatigably for the sake of the child! At the age of 70, in the midst of a horrendous World War II, just 22 years after a horrendous First World War, she worked. She worked – instead of indulging in hatred, rage, and despair, she worked. For the sake of the child, for the sake of a self-development and self-education that would support the child to develop into an adult capable of creating a society that could bring about a socially and economically just peace, she worked.

Timeline of Maria Montessori’s Life | Association Montessori Internationale
Departs for India with Mario to run what was to be a three-month training course at the invitation of the Theosophical Society, which has been using the Montessori method to successfully combat illiteracy.
Italy enters World War II on the side of the Germans. In June, Mario Montessori interned by the British colonial government in India as an enemy alien, and Maria Montessori confined to the compound of the Theosophical Society. Mario is released in August out of the Viceroy’s respect for Maria Montessori and to honor her 70th birthday. Still, the Montessoris are not allowed to leave the country until the war is over.
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