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Montessori’s Education for Peace: The Infusion of Peace in our Every Thought, Word, and Deed

Every single day as we head for school in the morning we clear our minds and hearts and reaffirm our intention for education for peace. Read more »

One of the Essential Elements in Montessori’s Education for Peace

One particular year in our early elementary community, I marveled at the gentle little talk the theology student who was our assistant gave when two fundamentalist Christian girls were having vicious arguments with the fundamentalist Atheist boy about the existence of God. Read more »

An Altar of Their Own Making

In the early elementary community I guided, the children had an altar for some years, which had evolved organically from Los Dias de los Muertos celebrations. Read more »

Yes, Joy!

Joy is one of the hallmarks of Montessori education. Read more »

Serene family life, less is more, simplicity!

There are many things ​to admire ​about this video! ​ Read more »

Whole-Child Experience

For a child under six this is the quality of experience that feeds the whole child. Read more »

Love and Learning

This is how the child enters a state of deep concentration, expends maximum effort, and carries a cycle of activity to completion. Read more »

Feeding Inner Development Through Interaction with the Environment

“External works are at once the means of attaining internal growth and an indication of it. Read more »

The Power and the Glory: Releasing the Potential of Childhood

So much power and glory here, all of the healthiest kind! Read more »

18 realistic family photos. Because we know parenting isn’t picture-perfect.

Yes!  Parenting is not picture perfect but with Less-Is-More Montessori Parenting it’s a whole lot better than this! Read more »

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