Every single day as we head for school in the morning we clear our minds and hearts and reaffirm our intention for education for peace. All day every day we choose that our every thought, word, and deed will be a support to the individual and the community for their formation of the inclination, capacity, and skills for peace. Into everything we think and do and say we infuse the spirit of a willed love and a chosen respect and a fierce nonviolent action. Montessori is love and will, knowledge and compassion, encounter and relationship along with all the Great Lessons, Key Stories, and Presentations, and the inspirations for follow-up with Big Work. It is response over reaction. It is the organic infusion of peace in the children’s self-management of the aspects of their community environment – physical, temporal, dynamic, relational, and moral. It is the silent indirect aim of peace enlivening each breathing in and the silent direct action for peace with each breathing out. It is never overt preaching or teaching.