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The Good Life!

It doesn’t get better than this – out in nature, on the land, a dog close by, free exploration within reasonable limits and boundaries; freely chosen intelligent, purposeful activity; adults who model and support, full engagement throughout an uninterrupted cycle! Read more »

Montessori’s Education for Peace: The Infusion of Peace in our Every Thought, Word, and Deed

Every single day as we head for school in the morning we clear our minds and hearts and reaffirm our intention for education for peace. Read more »

One of the Essential Elements in Montessori’s Education for Peace

One particular year in our early elementary community, I marveled at the gentle little talk the theology student who was our assistant gave when two fundamentalist Christian girls were having vicious arguments with the fundamentalist Atheist boy about the existence of God. Read more »

An Altar of Their Own Making

In the early elementary community I guided, the children had an altar for some years, which had evolved organically from Los Dias de los Muertos celebrations. Read more »

May I?

The child’s Absorbent Mind, the best of all teachers, works most powerfully when the environment is richly but sparsely prepared Read more »

More Than Just a Feather, More Than Just a Birdie

Now, over the next months, bit by bit, as she is interested, she gets to learn the name for each of the birds in her world. Read more »

Spanish Translation of My Book “Children Who Are Not Yet Peaceful”

The Spanish translation of my book “Children Who Are Not Yet Peaceful: Preventing Exclusion in the Early Elementary Years” has been reviewed and is ready for publication. Read more »

Infinite Love and the Child; Its Source on Earth

Happy birthday to Maria Montessori, she who knew that work and play were the two faces of a life lived passionately from love. Read more »

Beloved Books of Early Elementary Children

I think the urgent value in these powerful books so compelling to the children is our constant exploration with them of the evolution of human consciousness and values, the progression of social transformations, Read more »

Conference in Quebec City: Deepening Our Understanding

The brilliant icy landscape of Quebec City sparkled outdoors as we gathered in the cheery warmth of École Montessori de Québec. Read more »

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