Happy birthday to Maria Montessori, she who knew that work and play were the two faces of a life lived passionately from love. The conjugation of the verb “to love” is basic in Montessori grammar curriculum. Love is the foundation of Montessori education. But where there is no respect there can be no love. Where there is no understanding there can be no respect. Where there is no deep knowledge there can be no understanding. Where there is no constancy of practice there can be no understanding. Human love is not a simple matter of squishy feelings. Lovely as they are, squishy feelings alone cannot suffice. Thank you Maria, for your lifetime spent developing the knowledge, understanding, respect, and practice of supporting the child’s self-development and self/education through a prepared environment and prepared relationships. That is what love is all about!

It is because the child’s intelligence assimilates by loving, and not just indifferently, that he can see the invisible. This active, ardent, meticulous, constant absorption in love is characteristic of children.

~ Maria Montessori