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Help Donna Promote Her New French Book!

Dear Strangers, Colleagues, Community, and Friends,

The good news is that my book, “Children Who Are Not Yet Peaceful,” is out in French! Its French title is “Quand l’école s’adapte aux enfants.” Here is what I should be doing as my part in its promotion. Unfortunately, Don and I are old and our health is unpredictable. We are no longer able to travel far and wide as once was our habit. Read more »


Notice carefully that these are right wing Christians. Left, liberal Christians and Catholics are working hard together with our Atheist brothers and sisters to change this effort. We liberals all need to work together if we are to succeed. Read more »

A Dynamic Method of Education: Montessori Is So Much More

Exactly so! Montessori is not a method of education but rather a philosophy, psychology, and practice for supporting the self-development and self-education of the human being, according to the authentic characteristics; meeting the authentic needs through a prepared environment; and relationships. The aim is the emergence of human beings capable of evolving a new society, one that brings forth a just peace upon a healthy planet. Read more »


An Austin Montessori School alum mom interviews an older alum whose family owns Whole Earth Provision Company in Austin, Texas: Read more »

Sherry Turkle on Being Alone Together

The car, the kitchen, cooking, mealtimes, and living rooms are all tech-free, except for tech times. Setting tech times depends on the ages of the children. Children’s bedrooms are sacred spaces, no tech there! And a basket on the counter in the breakfast room for stashing all cell phones of each and every family member’s phone during tech-free times is a must!

Waldorf and Montessori Agree

As AMI Montessori Trainer Annette Haines assures us, with no screens in their lives in Montessori school, children will become more powerfully tech savvy later, when it is of most service to them in living fulfilling lives. . .

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Love First, Before All Else and Above All Else, Love

Love first, first love, before and above all else, remembering always that the child needs that special love of the Guide, which is a particular kind of love, a particular quality coming through a particular sensibility of relationship of the role. Read more »

Help Me Do It By / For Myself!

Educators are doing all they can to discover how to transform education. Little by little, by fits and starts, they are uncovering the authentic characteristics of the universal child, identifying his needs, and designing an educational process for responding to them. Educators are closing in on a better plan. Read more »

Donna to Present in Dallas, TX October 28, 2014

“The Birds and The Bees and The Flowers and The Trees:  Talking with Children about Life”

October 28, 2014 – The Westwood School in Dallas, TX

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Home Cooked Meals

Seems so perverse of us to do away with something wonderful from the past just because in today’s world it presents certain problems. It seems much wiser to brainstorm for solutions and modifications. Read more »

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