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Donna to Present in Dallas – Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Birds and the Bees and the Flowers and the Trees:  Talking with Children About Life

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Mothers and Their Mentors

Mothers and their mentors cannot help doctors expand their education and extend their training when the doctor has a closed mind and cold heart. His loss – but also the loss of those mothers and their babies who lack the support of wise mentors and the discrimination and will to vary their mothering from their doctor’s advice. Read more »

Let Me Do My Own Laughing!

Thanks for this goes to Barbara!  It’s a much better example of laughter.  I love that we aimed so high.  Such a lovely private experience between a twosome focused and repeating to their hearts content, entertaining themselves and one another, exploring, experimenting, learning, and LAUGHING on their own, with their autonomy respected.  Such healing and heartwarming laughter!   Read more »

The Power of the “Yes!” Part

I love this! Just in that way, with serious practice, we can get the “Nos” down to a precious few! And that is a game changer. Read more »

Pick Up the Cues, Dad!

Daddy, stop and notice that she is trying her best to get you to stop merely entertaining her for a guffaw, to stop entertaining yourself at her expense, and to let her explore the paper and learn how to tear it the way she saw you do it!  Read more »

Taking the Tough Out of Love – Post 2 of 2

Follow up to yesterday’s “Taking the Tough Out of Love”

Clarifying Our Thinking, Exploring Our Feelings

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Taking the Tough Out of Love – Post 1 of 2

Taking the Tough Out of Tough Love: How Expanding and Strengthening our Understanding of “Love” Can Free Our Hearts from Conflict and Confusion

Tomorrow I plan to write a bit on how we can transform the pain of being firmly there for our children into the joy of sparing them the hollow indulgence and careless abandonment of “squishy love.”

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Yes, Once Again with Feeling: Why Learning Must Be Hands-On

Reading this article, we Montessorians want to do a happy dance. We don’t mind at all that Maria is given no credit for the very principles of philosophy, psychology, and practices of child development and education so brilliantly illustrated in this article. Read more »

All Our Children

They are all our children, each and every one.  Some come from our bodies, some from the body of humanity; some live in our homes, some in the homes of others; some we know intimately, others well enough, and yet others we know only by universal characteristics and needs – but they are ALL our children.


Gratitude, Gladness

Yes!!! The points in the article are relevant within the sad old developmental and educational system where the highest aim is Harvard or the traveling soccer team. Once we enter Montessori’s philosophy, psychology, and practice of complementarily serving self and others with maximum effort resulting in deep satisfaction and joy, the points in the article become moot, obsolete. Read more »

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