Yes!!! The points in the article are relevant within the sad old developmental and educational system where the highest aim is Harvard or the traveling soccer team. Once we enter Montessori’s philosophy, psychology, and practice of complementarily serving self and others with maximum effort resulting in deep satisfaction and joy, the points in the article become moot, obsolete. Yet within the old system, where and while it prevails, the points call forth a compassionate salve. But let’s stop the system of wounding and make this particular salve unnecessary. Let’s begin to live whole, as one human organism composed of unique individual human cells, taking a reflected and shared joy from all of our children in their vast diversity.

Better to let our children bask in their own glow than steal it from them to flaunt it ourselves! “Proud of” belongs to the individual and even then it should be carefully moderated to a nice healthy “satisfaction and joy.” Best of all is gratitude!