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Expanding Freedom and Choice Throughout Childhood

The younger the child the more carefully prepared the environment and the more limited the choices. In Montessori we provide the children with early daily practice of freedom within limits, liberty with responsibility, choices and consequences, and the respect for others to exercise all of these things, all within a prepared environment. Read more »


In puzzling over this recent and vaunted “happiness” thing, I think it must be so alien an idea to me, whether in relation to my own life or to that of children in my care or under my influence, because I have given it almost no thought over my long life. Purpose, meaning, service – those I have fallen into and have come to value through association with others who live their lives that way with little comment on it as well as through my own personal experience of an almost accidental choice of a life’s work. But happiness??? Read more »

AMS Alumni –

Here is an article about two alumni of Austin Montessori School – they were in my early elementary community and went on to Phoebe Allen’s upper elementary community. We have the Google Boys as Montessori alumni, now we have the Beer Boys! Cool, huh? Read more »


Powerful goal, and possible!  But how do we accomplish it?  Find out!!!!  Read about a community of children who work hard together to bring out the best in themselves and one another.  Read how the development of each individual as well as the community as a whole is expanded, enhanced, and furthered by their refusal to label themselves or one another.  Read my book “Children Who Are Not Yet Peaceful: Preventing Exclusion in the Elementary Years.”

Asking your child “So How Was School Today?”

Children often open up after they’ve been home a while, relaxed with a piece of fruit, after playing outside, while peeling veggies by your side.  That’s because they’ve had time to reflect without pressure, without being questioned.  Of course, availability of screens can sabotage each of these stages.


Addictive Media

No mincing of words here, but rather an honest description of their accidental existential situation, what parents don’t want to face straight up. Indeed, Rowan dares to confront rather than evade the reality of family life today, refusing to hem and haw about the “good” and the “inevitable” of screens in the daily life of the family. Read more »

Living the “Vision” for the New School Year

How beautiful it is to hear elementary Guides tell about the beginning of this new year!!! Yes, the splendid new year has begun. The elementary children’s brainstorming to create the Vision for their living and learning community is inspiring – and beautiful! And yet, as the school year continues, the beauty increases. The children confront the challenges of LIVING the Vision! That is the heart of the beauty.

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The Future Of Education Was Invented In 1906

The numbers of articles on Montessori’s human development and education, “education as an aid to life,” “education for peace,” are steadily increasing. Gratifying as this is to those of us who see Montessori philosophy, psychology, and methodology as an answer to the urgent need of social transformation, the following article is even more gratifying. Read more »

Personal, Lifelong Growth from

Our growth and theirs, that’s what it’s all about!

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Responsibilities, not chores!

Developing a culture of full participation in family life takes the pressure off the parents as taskmasters. Both parents establish the culture of shared responsibilities, working together cheerfully in cleaning and caring for the home they love, managing the meals, and taking care of the laundry. Having a special music playing or having a special snack to break up the period of work helps set a tone of good cheer and mutual effort. Read more »

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