The numbers of articles on Montessori’s human development and education, “education as an aid to life,” “education for peace,” are steadily increasing. Gratifying as this is to those of us who see Montessori philosophy, psychology, and methodology as an answer to the urgent need of social transformation, the following article is even more gratifying. The author completes the picture, filling in the essential pieces of what makes Montessori what it is, pieces that others often miss. Montessori is the scientist who, through detailed and extensive scientific observation, studied the nature of the child and his development AND then responded respectfully and lovingly. Her response was more than science. It was art – the art not only of providing the child with a scientifically and artistically designed environment within which to meet his own needs, but also a scientifically and artistically trained adult to provide him with the relationship of support and guidance as he is doing so. I found this article a joy to read. See what you think!