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Daily Archives: August 29, 2014

Living the “Vision” for the New School Year

How beautiful it is to hear elementary Guides tell about the beginning of this new year!!! Yes, the splendid new year has begun. The elementary children’s brainstorming to create the Vision for their living and learning community is inspiring – and beautiful! And yet, as the school year continues, the beauty increases. The children confront the challenges of LIVING the Vision! That is the heart of the beauty.

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The Future Of Education Was Invented In 1906

The numbers of articles on Montessori’s human development and education, “education as an aid to life,” “education for peace,” are steadily increasing. Gratifying as this is to those of us who see Montessori philosophy, psychology, and methodology as an answer to the urgent need of social transformation, the following article is even more gratifying. Read more »