Here is an article about two alumni of Austin Montessori School – they were in my early elementary community and went on to Phoebe Allen’s upper elementary community. We have the Google Boys as Montessori alumni, now we have the Beer Boys! Cool, huh?

The tales I could tell about those two boys – all fabulous of course! I remember them vividly! I even wrote a story about one of them. He was six years old in the story. I wrote it ten years ago or so, after he was long gone.

In this class photo (circa 1989? 1990?) you see me at the top left and my two assistants, Claire Bruno and Liz Hunt – two because I was guiding 38 – 42 children during those years. Those were the years referenced in my book, “Children Who Are Not Yet Peaceful: Preventing Exclusion in the Early Elementary Classroom.” That’s Julian in the middle row at the far right in the yellow shirt, with the light brown hair; and that’s Caleb, with one shoulder in front of Julian, in the white logo shirt with the blonde hair.

Best of all, listen to the values they express – passion, service, community, fun! And so, just for fun, is anyone out there able to identify themselves in this class photo? If so, give us a shout to share!


Donnas Class Julian Caleb