Seems so perverse of us to do away with something wonderful from the past just because in today’s world it presents certain problems. It seems much wiser to brainstorm for solutions and modifications. We so often tend to throw out the baby with the bath water just because the bath water is dirty. How about changing the bath water? Mom often has a job outside the home today so dad will have to go equal on the meals making, with the children being included at every stage. Because they are involved in meal planning, the children need to learn nutrition and the balancing of meals. Their choices are not made frivolously but intelligently. It can all be so win-win.

Mom and dad cooking, serving and cleaning up, together or taking turns, with the children involved was powerful stuff for us. Both the family togetherness and good nutrition as well as the joint effort were FUN, not a burden on anyone! And everyone made requests for the week and enjoyed one another’s choices. Instead of complaining, one person might occasionally make a peanut butter sandwich for himself, if he just could not bring himself to appreciate the evenings fare. But complain–how rude that would be!