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Daily Archives: September 19, 2014

Help Donna Promote Her New French Book!

Dear Strangers, Colleagues, Community, and Friends,

The good news is that my book, “Children Who Are Not Yet Peaceful,” is out in French! Its French title is “Quand l’├ęcole s’adapte aux enfants.” Here is what I should be doing as my part in its promotion. Unfortunately, Don and I are old and our health is unpredictable. We are no longer able to travel far and wide as once was our habit. Read more »


Notice carefully that these are right wing Christians. Left, liberal Christians and Catholics are working hard together with our Atheist brothers and sisters to change this effort. We liberals all need to work together if we are to succeed. Read more »

A Dynamic Method of Education: Montessori Is So Much More

Exactly so! Montessori is not a method of education but rather a philosophy, psychology, and practice for supporting the self-development and self-education of the human being, according to the authentic characteristics; meeting the authentic needs through a prepared environment; and relationships. The aim is the emergence of human beings capable of evolving a new society, one that brings forth a just peace upon a healthy planet. Read more »