During these years I am taking great pleasure in giving presentations at parent gatherings for Austin Montessori School.  On February 19th I presented to a group of Children’s House parents of on one of my favorite
topics, “Full Participation in Family Life.”  Afterward I offered a variety of related handouts and enjoyed taking questions. Great fun!

Full Participation in Family Life:  Meeting the Child’s Need for Power and Influence

How do we provide authentic experiences of community life to the child? 

How do we arrange for a child to contribute to the welfare of the family in ways that are meaningful? 

How can we include the child in big decisions in ways that are significant, genuine, and relevant, and yet still age-appropriate? 


  1. Developing Skill and Responsibility
  2. Diagram of Full Participation in Family Life
  3. The Drive to Self-Develop
  4. How She Spends Her Screen-Free Days
  5. Marco’s New Truck
  6. Matches, Needles and Knives
  7. Owner’s Manual for a Montessori Primary Child
  8. The Restaurant