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Donna Presents in Toronto: “Maximum Effort & Independence” and “Preserving Intrinsic Motivation”

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Donna Presents in Vancouver: “Inclusion & Peace”

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“Full Participation in Family Life” presented at Austin Montessori School 2/19/14

During these years I am taking great pleasure in giving presentations at parent gatherings for Austin Montessori School.  On February 19th I presented to a group of Children’s House parents of on one of my favorite
topics, “Full Participation in Family Life.”  Afterward I offered a variety of related handouts and enjoyed taking questions. Great fun! Read more »

Donna presents at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia

Following a convivial hour of wine and a variety of cheeses and hummuses, Don and I enjoyed a fine meal in the lovely collegiality of Montessorians.   I enjoyed speaking to an enthusiastic gathering in the rotunda.

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Donna presents in Lyon, France


The Prepared Elementary Environment for Self-Management and Real Work

A.  Philosophy of the Physical Environment

Why and how to prepare the environment to empower the children’s independence through its care and engage maximum effort in their chosen work

B.  Philosophy of the Temporal Environment

Why and how to arrange the flow of time to support the children in choosing purposeful work and meaningful activity in keeping with Montessori’s spontaneous activity in education

C.  Philosophy of the Dynamic Environment

Why and how to plan the detailed procedures with sequences of steps that support the children to fully engage and persevere in their chosen work

D.  Philosophy of the Social Environment

Why and how to establish a detailed social environment of Elementary Level Civility that helps the children relate to one another in a gracious manner, manage their relationships, and free their energy for real work

E.  Philosophy of the Emotional Environment

Why and how to prepare details for helping the children understand their own emotions and those of their community members, learn a process for resolving conflicts when they arise, and prevent them from interfering with the atmosphere of work