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Daily Archives: November 12, 2014

The Many Kinds of Real

Wonderful for children to grow up experiencing the many splendored forms of “real” – the concrete, the simb√≥lico, the metaphorical; the real of dreams, of poetry, of myth, of imagination, of literature, of pretend (which, yes, is its own kind of reality)! Read more »

The Soul of Our Montessori Work: Our Transformation from Teacher to Guide

Even though we are intensively trained at length in an organic system formed of an integrated and cohesive philosophy, psychology, and practice, capable of growing as a living whole, it cannot take life until we breathe into it the soul of our own transformation. Read more »

Natural Progressions in Language Development

From cooing and going onward to babbling and then forward to full speech; from random sprinklings of periods onward to interspersions of varied punctuation marks and then forward to full punctuation! Read more »