Tim Seldin posts an old favorite that lives on into the future. Thanks, Tim, for the reminder of what’s universal and unchanging in our children. If we seek peace among ourselves – within our families, communities, and nations – we will serve all that is authentic in this child as Montessori has revealed to us. As the children self-develop and self-educate, guided by a prepared adult within a prepared environment, they will show us the way.

Once we have understood, providing for the child will not be easy for us. It requires that we break habits of a lifetime; habits of thinking, speaking, and acting that are so deeply ingrained as to have become who we are. To serve the authentic child, we must first and constantly serve our own healthiest nature. Now that is a life worth living! And we can begin here, with this little article, to see how far from our own healthiest nature we have been separated. And we can read this article again each morning and every night as our daily meditations. But then we must forgive ourselves and vigorously recommit, again and again, for our regressions. Our past, through the power of our childhood homes and schools, will have its way with us in the present. This is our challenge, making a mighty effort to free ourselves to be there for our children. Well worth it!

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