Dear Parents,

It is long been our school’s practice to provide advice for parents whenever we know that horrific violence will be at the center of news forecasts for a while. It is very gratifying to see how many advocates for children in our society as a whole have, over the years, become more and more sensitive to the needs of children in such times. This is true progress! We are happy to provide you two such examples below.

Let’s watch the news after our children are asleep, process it ourselves and then decide whether or how much and how to talk to them about it.

The wonderful thing about having children is that doing what’s best for them means we first have to do what’s best for ourselves.  We parents are the filters and the interpreters for our children but first we are the filters and interpreters for ourselves.  Below is a link to an article I think you will find helpful.

We keep our children emotionally safe by keeping ourselves emotionally safe, by processing our upset over news through our better lights, moderating our distress with our confidence and hope and by keeping our love and trust in life strong throughout.

When we watch the news after our children are asleep and process it ourselves before we decide if or how and how much to talk to them about it, our children can find rest in our healthy emotions despite the upsetting news or event.  This allows our children to grow ever more resilient and confident over the years.  It prevents them from suffering either numbing disengagement, haunting sadness or recurring anxiety.  Our aim is to strengthen them for both the present and for the future.


Donna Bryant Goertz