Smacking, ostracizing and punishing keeps us chasing our tail in an endless and exhausting loop of human history and our endless revolutions, prisons, and wars. It is time now to break free of the mass murders, serial killings, shooting sprees and genocides. It is time for human evolution and transformation. Through Montessori’s education for peace we can unleash the child’s potential to self-form and self-educate for a new Humanity capable of creating a new Society, one that can evolve Peace.

It is both elegantly simple and exquisitely complicated! Ned was able to bring himself into the best in his nature through deep engagement, long concentration, and maximum effort in chosen work within a living and learning environment prepared with a vast array of options for intelligent and purposeful activity in a community of compassionate, skillful and emotionally intelligent children whose habit of response is to bring out the best in themselves and one another. The first requirement is the presence of adults who are prepared and trained and who constantly refresh themselves in their transformation. What is lived in the heart, mind and soul of the adults makes possible the development of a community of children and provides the individual child the means for his own self-transformation.