Oh, boy!  Watch out. Here it comes, the next assault on our children. When we screw up in providing for them, our children are the ones to suffer the consequences. We know that what they are really suffering has to do with screens, too little sleep and bad nutrition at home and faulty educational practices at school. But instead of addressing these issues, the researchers take the easy route of drugging children. Drug companies love it. Insurance companies pay for it. It’s a quick fix that demands nothing of anyone but the child. No lifestyle change for parents. They aren’t required to discipline themselves, reorganize their lives and develop parenting skills. No overhauling the education system. The nation doesn’t have to start fresh with schools that work for children with all kinds of minds. Just diagnose and medicate a condition without determining its cause. Who would want to uncover a cause that requires real action on the part of adults when it’s so much simpler to prescribe a pill?  It’s not our children, it’s all of us, it’s the adults. But it will be our children who pay the price.