We raise hope for Humanity and the Earth when we support the thirteen lifelong Human Tendencies from birth. Through preserving and strengthening the Tendencies by providing the prepared environments and prepared relationships at home and at school, we support social and emotional health and intellectual vigor!

So clearly observable! How different for his social, emotional, and intellectual core is a childhood of self-development and self-education corresponding to his inner nature as opposed to one that is imposed upon him by an adult according to the dictates of a deteriorating and exploitative society!

“The child must see for himself what he can do, and it is important to give him not only the means of education but also to supply him with indicators which tell him his mistakes. The child’s interest in doing better, and his own constant checking and testing, are so important to him that his progress is assured. His very nature tends toward exactitude and the ways of obtaining it appeal to him.”
~Dr. Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind

Follow the candid photographs to see this truth in action. Photographs courtesy of Somers Schulte Piazza, taken in the Primary environment at River Valley Montessori and shared from the school’s Facebook page. Please check out their website at arvmontessori.org.

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