Montessori schools follow the healthy drives of children to explore, self-develop, and self-educate.

Let’s say that is so of classroom communities practicing authentic Montessori! There are a lot of different varieties of “Montessori” out there. Some are more like boot camp while others are more like summer camp. It’s not easy to get it just right. Our own upbringing and schooling have given us habits of thinking, speaking, and acting that are hard to break. And the Montessori philosophy, psychology, and practice is not easy to set firmly into new skills. So when we are tired, hungry, overwhelmed, anxious, too busy, or full of doubts we slip back into old patterns of thinking, speaking, and acting. This happens to us as well trained and experienced classroom guides as well as parents and administrators. But the aim of Montessori is to follow the child’s healthy drives for joyful learning!


Seth Godin