Another fabulous opportunity to turn things around, to calm and cure the violence. If we can just hold back those afflicted with the reflex of hate long enough, here’s another way to work forward – a whole collaborative project between Yale and UNICEF that is using Montessori principles to address the seeds of violence that we know are sown in the family.

There are known and researched ways to go forward and projects to put it in practice, if only we can keep our everyday friends and neighbors, those addicted to violent solutions during their childhood, from fomenting hate and further loosing the plague of destruction on the world before we can get enough powerful projects working for nonviolence and peace.

Our everyday innocent but addicted friends, relatives, and neighbors who reflexively express hate spare no effort in spreading their habit of hate, not only within their own family and among their friends but also at every social and chance encounter.

No matter how much or how often they hear about all the ways we can and are working together for the better, those addicted to violent solutions forget and revert to their reflex of hate speech. And, sadly, many of those afflicted are highly educated. Of course their habits of hatred were sown in their childhood by loving parents who beat them “for their own good.”

We know from abundant research that authoritarian parenting brings forth children who become adults who seek vengeance and violent solutions, whereas authoritative parenting brings forth problem solvers and peacemakers. This new project is one more effort to put that research in practice.


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