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Category: Peer Articles

Slow Childhood

Children need years of experience of chosen activities from three dimensional, sensorial environments filled with an array of rich hands-on materials – all day every day.

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Who Taught You to Write?

Self-formation and self-education in a scientifically and richly prepared environment guided by an inspiring and prepared guide – that’s the empowerment a child receives from Montessori. Read more »

Parent’s Manual for a Child

Tim Seldin posts an old favorite that lives on into the future. Thanks, Tim, for the reminder of what’s universal and unchanging in our children. Read more »

How to Live in the Present: Assuring our Future Through Healing Our Past

Here is the Montessori philosophy, psychology, and methodology in rich and thrilling detail.  This is the “how to” for assuring our future.

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Repetition of Chosen Activity

Montessori speaks of exploration of the environment, engagement in an activity, and repetition of the chosen challenge as the child’s way of learning. No one forces this baby elephant to practice and refine his chosen activity. Read more »

A Legacy of Aggression and Depression: What the Science of Spanking Reveals

“The biggest takeaway for me? Even if you spank with control, discipline, and good intent, your kids are more likely to have depression and engage in aggressive behaviors in adulthood.”

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Evoking The State of Flow

Montessori education is education for flow. It is education through the daily experiences of flow, toward forming the lifelong habit of seeking out flow, and in preparation for finding a life’s work in flow. Read more »

What’s Behind, Beneath, Between the Words?

Authentic good manners are based on empathy and its expression through words and deeds. Empty words and deeds cheat both giver and receiver of the joy of living in relationship within family, community, and society. Read more »

The Precious Experience of Discovering a Dead Rat

Montessori school and family life support the child’s natural tendencies for empathy with our fellow beings, compassionate contemplation of the mysteries of life and death, and scientific exploration. Here a mother describes her two sons’ discovery of a rat killed by the family cat and their response: Read more »

The Information Children Need

Indeed! You know me; I’m partial to answering questions in warm, reverent, direct, and factual terms while immediately expanding the conversation to include humans and nature as a context for the personal. Read more »

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