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Responsibilities, not chores!

Developing a culture of full participation in family life takes the pressure off the parents as taskmasters. Both parents establish the culture of shared responsibilities, working together cheerfully in cleaning and caring for the home they love, managing the meals, and taking care of the laundry. Having a special music playing or having a special snack to break up the period of work helps set a tone of good cheer and mutual effort. Read more »

Montessori’s Bootstraps

Montessori schools support children to develop and educate themselves for independence and interdependence, initiative and effort, collaboration and enlightened competition, self-advocacy and advocacy on behalf of others. Montessori gives children boots with bootstraps to pull themselves up by. Read more »

Gaudy Kindergarten Classroom

As opposed to most kindergarten classrooms, Montessori spaces are deliberately serene. They are exquisitely prepared to be esthetically spare. Cartoons are absent. Gaudy colors and designs are nowhere to be seen. The Montessori prepared environment does not impose rowdily upon the child’s senses but rather offers the child a quiet invitation to browse, explore, take an interest, choose, engage fully and enter into a long and deep concentration during a purposeful activity. Read more »

Idea of New Attention Disorder Spurs Research, and Debate

Oh, boy!  Watch out. Here it comes, the next assault on our children. When we screw up in providing for them, our children are the ones to suffer the consequences. We know that what they are really suffering has to do with screens, too little sleep and bad nutrition at home and faulty educational practices at school. But instead of addressing these issues, the researchers take the easy route of drugging children. Drug companies love it. Insurance companies pay for it. It’s a quick fix Read more »

Instead of Punishment from

Smacking, ostracizing and punishing keeps us chasing our tail in an endless and exhausting loop of human history and our endless revolutions, prisons, and wars. It is time now to break free of the mass murders, serial killings, shooting sprees and genocides. It is time for human evolution and transformation. Through Montessori’s education for peace we can unleash the child’s potential to self-form and self-educate for a new Humanity capable of creating a new Society, one that can evolve Peace.

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Idea of New Attention Disorder Spurs Research, and Debate from

Oh, boy!  Watch out. Here it comes, the next assault on our children. Read more »

Early language and the brain: Smart talk

Yes, the richness of language matters and the number of words counts, but the more educated and more middle class the parents are, the more complicated it gets. When do we speak with our children and how? Why and how this matters is key, and in today’s world of blabber, not obvious. To the contrary, it can be downright confounding. It has to do with the urgency and importance of the child’s cycles of activity. Read more »

Hard Things

And they do the hard things in the preparing, in the setting up, in the doing, in the cleaning up, and in the packing away. And they go from one hard thing that becomes easy to another harder thing. Over and over. What a gift for life; talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

Empowering Toddlers

Bully/victim syndrome prevention–just as we’ve been practicing at Austin Montessori School and presenting in workshops around the world!  Such an unnecessary relationship, one we create in our children and they then perpetuate as adults in the world.

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Gateway Parenting

My response to the very controversial article linked to below:

It’s complicated. It depends entirely on the source within the adult for the limits and boundaries in the guidance of the child. Is the adult’s guidance coming from a wellspring of knowledge, love and joy or one of harsh authoritarian control?

What Wendy proposes would be carried out in a kind and firm, loving and clear, consistent and pleasant manner! And it would all add up to provide the child a secure life filled with meaning and a sense of purpose as well as a confidence in self and trust in others. The child would be experienced and feel capable. The child would know joy.

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